Twitter & Facebook phishing scams, avoid loosing your personal information with these 10 tips

The other day I received a very interesting direct message from a person that I follow on my Twitter account. The message was so intriguing in-fact, I clicked on the link faster then I could think about what I was doing. That was when I realized I almost got tricked into giving my Twitter account username and password away to some phishing scam. If you want to learn some helpful tips on how not to get duped into these types of scams, read on. Read More...

Windows Phone 7 bug: Attacker can force a reboot and disable Messaging hub, with a simple SMS text

wp7s-wp7-messaging-text mesage-text-sms-issue-bugg-hub
The guys over at WinRumors, have released a video showing what a simple text message can do to a Window Phone 7 device. It's not a pretty sight and can really ruin a persons day, by taking over your Messaging hub until you do a hard reset. Read More...

Facebook Scam with new video calling feature (WARNING)

With the new awesome Facebook features you can use Skype to video chat with friends. The only way to use this new feature is by downloading the program directly from Facebook or Skype (Read up on the new features here).

Scammers have now figured out a way to scam you by enticing you to click on a wall post that will

Remember that really "Awesome" thing Facebook was going to announce?

Remember that really "Awesome" thing Facebook was going to announce? Well, sure enough the worlds largest social network Facebook Announced today they have partnered up with Skype. Read More...

Geohot working for big social network company?

geohot, hotz, geo

Mr. George Hotz also known as Geohot, is now working for Mark Zuckenberg. Geohot officially announced that he now works on the Facebook team. Geohot is famously known in the jailbreak community for hacking the iphone and just recently had a big lawsuit filed against him from Sony for hacking the PS3. Do you think this is the end of new jailbreak tools from Hotz? Read More...