Quickoffice update for HP's WebOS TouchPad tablet

If your one of the lucky few that was able to get your hands on one of HP’s $99 TouchPad tablet, you will be happy to hear that a new WebOS update for the Quickoffice HD app has been released as promised. Read More...

HP drops Palm WebOS, TouchPad prices Slashed to $99, what went wrong? (UPDATE)

HP has officially dropped the entire production line of its WebOS devices. This means anything with WebOS installed will be discontinued from HP, this also means big sales on all the existing WebOS devices, including the HP TouchPad that was just released on July 1.

Update: click on read more to find out where to order the sold out HP TouchPads for $99. Read More...

Best Buy making room for the new HP Touchpad

HP TABLET, informalgadget.com
Update: HP drops Palm WebOS, Slashes prices, what went wrong?

Went to Best Buy today and came across some new advertising for the new HP TouchPad. seems like the HP TouchTablet will be taking the place of the HP VEER 4G display section. Read More...