Top app store companies including Apple & Android agree to new privacy policy standards


The California Attorney General and six major app store operators, such as Apple, Android, among others, have agreed to a new privacy policy standard. Find out what its all about and how it will affect you.


Court ruling in China banning all Apple iPad's from stores, could be nationwide (UPDATED)

asia-authorities-china-apple-court-legal-ban-ipad-ipad1-ipad 1-ipad2-ipad 2-nationwide
Reports are emerging from China that some authorities are starting to pull Apple iPad’s from store shelfs in certain locations around China.

(We will be updating this article as the story unfolds.) Read More...
Comments gets shutdown by the Feds for running massive worldwide piracy ring


One of The worlds largest file-sharing websites,, has been shutdown by Virginia federal prosecutors for violating piracy laws. The shutdown happens just one day after Megaupload, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, among others, voluntarily blacked out their websites to protest against SOPA and PIPA’s anti-piracy legislation. Read More...