Thunderbolt Drobo 5D & Drobo Mini storage devices, might be the best HDD enclosures


Have you been looking for the best external hard drive enclosure that supports both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connections for your Mac or Windows PC computer? Drobo just might have you covered with its latest Drobo 5D and Drobo Mini hard drive enclosures.


Sick and tired of junk mail in your mail box? PaperKarma's free app might solve your pesky problem

Sick and tired of opening your mail box just to see junk mail smashed inside? Do you ever wonder if you have accidentally thrown away important correspondence, just because of all the junk mail you receive every day? Or maybe you just want to stop killing a couple trees a year and do your part to help out the environment. If you are having any of these issues with unwanted junk mail, the PaperKarma app might just be your solution. Read More...

Windows Phone 7 bug: Attacker can force a reboot and disable Messaging hub, with a simple SMS text

wp7s-wp7-messaging-text mesage-text-sms-issue-bugg-hub
The guys over at WinRumors, have released a video showing what a simple text message can do to a Window Phone 7 device. It's not a pretty sight and can really ruin a persons day, by taking over your Messaging hub until you do a hard reset. Read More...

Want to try out Windows Phone 7 on your Apple or Android device? Here's how

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use another operating system, other then what you use on your mobile phone? Not that you want to admit it, but sure you have! If you have an Android or iOS device, we can show you how to run a Windows Phone 7 Emulator right from your web browser. Read More...

Nokia announces Lumia 800 and Lumia 710, specs and features of first Windows phones for Nokia

Nokia has entered the Windows phone market swinging, with its first two smartphones to ever run WP 7.5 Mango. The top of the line Lumia 800, is packed with features and a more simple Lumia 710 was also introduced. Read More...

How to install Windows 8 on a Mac using VMWare Fusion 4 (VIDEO)


Want to try out Microsoft’s just released Windows 8 Consumer preview, but you only have a Mac? No Problem, Ill show you how to easily install Windows OS on your Mac computer. Just follow the easy steps in the video below.


Windows 8 Developer Preview has just been released, free download (update)

Microsoft has just released free downloads to Windows 8 Developer Preview, for all you Windows Fans. Read More...

Microsoft shows off new copy, paste, move functions for Windows 8 (video)

Windows 8 is still a little ways from its official release but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from showing off some neat new features it's working on, for the next generation OS. Read More...

Twitter on Windows Phone Mango (Video)

Microsoft has sent out an update for its latest developer build of Windows Phone Mango. The new update now has Twitter integrated right into the phone. No more Twitter apps to leave open. Now all we need are some phones to start coming out with Windows Phone Mango so we can tweet away. Check out the video WinRumors made of Twitter and Mango making sweet love. Read More...

Microsoft Windows 7 updated to view RAW (NEF) files

Microsoft has released a free Codec Pack update for Windows 7 to now support Raw (NEF) files directly in Windows Explorer or Photo Gallery. Read More...

Microsoft has released Windows Phone Mango to handset manufactures

Microsoft has officially signed off the release to manufacture the build of Windows Phone Mango, to phone manufactures. Read More...

How-To port Mango on the HD2 (video)

The hackers over at XDA-Developers have figured a way to port Windows Mango over to the HTC HD2. The Mango port is in beta form so there are a couple of little issues but overall it's a good port if you want to get the Mango feel before every it's officially out. The Mango OS flash is pretty simple to port over to your HD2 just follow the instructions below. Read More...

Windows Phone Mango will have Visual Voicemail

The new Windows Phone Mango OS will have many cool new features when it finally arrives this fall. One of those really awesome features thats is also really handy is visual voicemail. Read More...

Tired of your old WP7 Phone? New Mango coming this fall! (VIDEO)

The new Windows Phone 7 Operating System Mango will be coming out this fall. It will be a big overhaul from the current WP7 OS, with over 500 new features. Microsoft has integrated  Twitter, Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger Read More...

New HTC phone Leaked!

htc-eternity-leak, HTC, Eternity, Windows, phone
This is what the new HTC Eternity will look like according to HTC inside. From the leaked specs It will be sporting the new Windows Mango OS with a massive 4.7 inch LCD display, 8MP camera, 720p recording, 16GB of storage, and much more. Should be out this fall. Read More...