Samsung Galaxy S4 VS. iPhone 5 Drop test: Which device is more durable? [VIDEO]

Now that there are many proud owners of the new Samsung Galaxy S IV, many of you are probably wondering how durable the new flagship Galaxy device is compared to other devices. What way to make this drop test much more interesting than to test it against the Apple iPhone 5. Lets see who held up!

While this drop test is by no means a scientific test, you will get a good idea of how tough the new GS4 is in real world use.

The guys over at Android Authority had the guts to take a brand new Galaxy S4 and an iPhone 5 and drop them from different heights, to simulate what these phones can handle.

Back when the GS3 was released, a similar drop test was performed against the iPhone 5. Can you guess who was the winner in that test? Check out that video here: iPhone 5 VS. Samsung's Galaxy S3: Drop Tests

If you guessed the iPhone 5 came out winning, you would be right. The iPhone 5 stood up to the task and ended up winning the drop test versus the Galaxy S3.

That drop test took me by surprise, just because of how much glass and metal the iPhone 5 has compared to the Galaxy S3’s plastic body. I would have thought the solid feel of the iPhone 5 was surely going shatter into a million pieces once it hit the hard concrete floor. But I was wrong, the iPhone 5 came out as the clear winner over the GS3.

But now it's a new year and we are talking about the next generation Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The drop test is still against last years iPhone 5, only this time the new GS4 up for the challenge. So is the Galaxy S IV better than the old GS III in terms of durability? Watch the video below and find out:

Aside from feeling the pain of watching both of these beautiful smartphones hitting the hard pavement from different heights and angles, there clearly was a winner at the end of the their 3 round test.

Both devices held up very well for the first two rounds. In the first round they dropped both phones from hip level, falling onto the concrete floor. Both devices still worked and looked perfectly fine. The iPhone 5 only had slight cosmetic scratches on the metal bezel. While the GS4 had no scratches because of its plastic design.

In round two, both devices were dropped from chest level. Same as the first round, both the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 came out with little to no damage.

Now, round three was when we can clearly seen what type of damage a drop from head hight would result into. A clear winner was also declared at this hight, in the Samsung Galaxy S4 VS. iPhone 4 Drop Test.


When dropping the iPhone 5 from head hight, hardly any damage was made. Some dings here and there were noticed on the Apple device, other than that, there was no cracks on the screen and the phone looked and worked perfectly fine.

Unfortunately for the Galaxy S IV, things weren’t looking too good. The device landed on its side upon impact and the removable case had popped off. After picking up the new Galaxy device for examination, the devices screen had cracked at the point of impact.

The Galaxy phone was still fully functional just like the iPhone 5, but the GS4 had major cracks going across the top of the screen. Not a pretty sight, considering this is the latest “must have” smartphone at the moment. You wouldn’t want to show off your new Android flagship device with those cracks. Sorry Samsung, iPhone once again takes the cake in the durability test.

Android Authority reports:

There you have it. History repeats itself. The Galaxy S4 may be better than the S3 in most ways, but the build quality and resistance to damage appear to have remained unchanged. In fact, we will go out on a limb to say that the smaller bezels have actually diminished the robustness of the Galaxy S4.
The iPhone 5 passed another drop test with flying colors, emerging with only cosmetic damage. 


Is the Galaxy S4 not able to take big falls because of its plastic build? The GS3 also suffered the same problem when put up against the iPhone 5, in the same drop test. Is it time for Samsung to give its flagship Galaxy line what it deserves and give it a big design makeover, with higher quality materials? What do you think?

Again, this is by no means a scientific test. As the host said in the video, there is a large degree of randomness associated with drop tests. But at the end, if we want a device that can handle our every day wear and tear, we should strap a case onto those bad boys. No matter if you carry an iPhone 5, HTC One, or a Galaxy S4 in your pocket, We just never know when we will drop our devices.

Via: Android Authority

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