Apple's Siri is now ported and working on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. (Video)


Seems like Apple’s iPhone 4S, isn’t the only Apple product that can use Siri’s magic. A video has been released of an iPhone 4 using Siri without any hiccups, but don’t expect Apple to try and help you out on this one.

A few weeks ago, videos and tweets were going around of the iPhone 4 with Siri ported over to it, then a couple days later the iPad and iPod were getting the same port. Only issue was, iPhone hacker Steven Troughton-Smith was only able to port Siri’s UI. This means Siri was on the Apple devices but Apples servers were not authenticating voice commands from these hacked devices. So having Apple’s revolutionary personal assistant on silent mode, is really no use to anyone, but was a big start.

Steve Troughton-Smith announced on twitter last night “Have Siri connecting to Apple's servers on iPhone 4 after a hack session with@chpwn!”  chpwn, is a Jailbreak app developer Responsible for great apps like Infiniboard, Infinidock and Infinifolder.

The Jailbreak hackers, were able to hack the iPhone 4 and current generation iPod Touch into running Siri by bypassing the authentication issues they had encountered before. Therefor, they were able to get Siri off its mute status and on to other Apple devices. Check out the video below.

Now that Siri has been set of into the wild, many of you older iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners might be asking, “Where do I get the port!” Well, it's not that simple, 9 to 5 Mac interviewed Steve Troughton-Smith and he had a couple of things to say about the Siri port.


The first thing he made sure to make clear, is in order to port Siri over to other Apple devices you will need hacked files from an iPhone 4S. This means someone one would have to pirate these hacked files and release them to the public, Which he clearly states will not be him. This also means you won’t be seeing the port on Cydia anytime soon. But fear not fellow Jailbreakers, he expects someone to distribute it "quasi-illegally, or try and sell it to people".

You will also need to get Siri working through Apple’s servers, That requires a validation token from a jailbroken iPhone 4S. This involves a lengthy 20-step process to retrieve the validation token. The process takes Troughton-Smith an impressive 10 minutes to port Siri over to an iPod Touch once he had Jailbroken his iPhone 4S.

Troughton-Smith also mentioned the Siri hack does work on the iPod Touch, but does not work as well because the mic is not as good as the mic on the iPhone. All this means is you have to speak really loud and clear to the iPod Touch in order for Siri to work. The Siri port also works on the iPhone 3GS, but does have a harder time because of its slower processor and low amount of RAM.

Here is a little iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4: battle of the Siri’s, video. As you can see the iPhone 4 works extremely well on Siri’s port, you can’t even tell a real difference between the two.

Are you impressed with the new Siri hack? Will you try and port Siri over to your older Apple device? With the iPhone 4 being able to run Siri just as smooth as the iPhone 4S, are you asking your self why Apple left the iPhone 4 out of the Siri loop? Leave your thoughts below. We will also make sure to keep you updated with the Siri port progress and jailbreak news.

Source: 9to5 Mac

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