Google Glass Specs for Camera, Battery, Audio and Display Officially Released


Google has finally released its Google Glass technical specs. This is the juicy stuff consumers care about: Camera, Battery, Audio and Display specs. Lets check out what these new Google Glasses will be packing.


T-Mobile Will Offer A True Unlimited 4G Data Plan on September 5


T-Mobile has just announced a true unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan with no data cap, Good news for all you smartphone users out there. Come check out the official T-Mobile press release. Read More...

Tethered Jailbreak for iOS 5.1 on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1 and iPod Touch 3G/4G is released

Less than 24-hrs. after Apple announced the 3rd generation iPad along with iOS 5.1 for its devices, MuscleNerd announces a tethered Jailbreak is now available for all non-A5 iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches. Download RedSn0w now. Read More...

Say good bye to the Android Market and hello to Google Play (VIDEOS)

Google has announced a rebranding of the Android Market, in an effort to make it easier for customers to find apps, music, books, and movies all in one spot. Read More...

Top app store companies including Apple & Android agree to new privacy policy standards


The California Attorney General and six major app store operators, such as Apple, Android, among others, have agreed to a new privacy policy standard. Find out what its all about and how it will affect you.


Want to try out Windows Phone 7 on your Apple or Android device? Here's how

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use another operating system, other then what you use on your mobile phone? Not that you want to admit it, but sure you have! If you have an Android or iOS device, we can show you how to run a Windows Phone 7 Emulator right from your web browser. Read More...

Apple's Siri is now ported and working on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. (Video)

Seems like Apple’s iPhone 4s, isn’t the only Apple product that can use Siri’s magic. A video has been released of an iPhone 4 using Siri without any hiccups, but don’t expect Apple to try and help you out on this one.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Announced, includes Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Video)

galaxy-nexus-product-samsung-ice cream sandwich_android 4.0
Samsung and Google have finally announced the powerful Galaxy Nexus, in Hong Kong today. Samsung’s latest smartphone is packed with features and is the worlds first smartphone to run Android 4.0, AKA Ice Cream Sandwich. Read More...

Motorola's Spyder and Xoom 2, Leaked photos

Seems like Motorola can’t keep there devices on lock down. We just received some more leaked photos of the unreleased Xoom 2 tablet and the Spyder smartphone, also known as the Droid HD.

Update: Check out Verizon’s new DROID RAZR by Motorola, available for pre-order October 27 Read More...

Apple introduces the new iPhone 4s and Siri, find out what it's packing

Apple has finally announced to the world, its next generation smartphone. It's not the new iPhone 5 everyone was expecting, Instead the new iPhone 4s was reveled. The new iPhone looks identical to its little brother, but with some tweaks, extra horsepower and something called Siri.

UPDATE: Now that its been released, Best Buy has the iPhone 4s for sale.

HTC Amaze 4G is a go with T-Mobile, better Watch out Nexus

Looks like T-Mobile will be getting a new high-powered smartphone in the near future. It just might just give the Nexus S II, a run for its money. Read More...

Verizon will launch Droid Bionic on September 8, Stores already have them in stock, we have pictures! (Video)

If you have been waiting for the first, Dual-Core smartphone with 4G LTE then your wait is almost over. The Motorola Droid Bionic from Verizon, announced they will be releasing the Droid Bionic on September 8. Read More...

iPhone 5 Might be heading to Sprint, other carriers this coming October

If you're a Sprint customer and have been longing to have an Apple iPhone with Sprint service, your wait might be over this coming up October.

UPDATE: Apple introduces the new iPhone 4s and Siri, find out what it's packing Read More...