Pandora Will Now Limit Music Streaming to 40 Hours Per Month for Mobile Users


Do you use Pandora on your mobile device to make your day go by faster at work? Maybe you like to hit the gym and stream Pandora radio on your smartphone. Or maybe on a long road trip, you want to hear one of your favorite stations in your Pandora app. If you enjoy listening to unlimited free music from the Pandora app, with some ads here and there, your unlimited days have come to an end. Read More...

Say good bye to the Android Market and hello to Google Play (VIDEOS)

Google has announced a rebranding of the Android Market, in an effort to make it easier for customers to find apps, music, books, and movies all in one spot. Read More...
Comments gets shutdown by the Feds for running massive worldwide piracy ring


One of The worlds largest file-sharing websites,, has been shutdown by Virginia federal prosecutors for violating piracy laws. The shutdown happens just one day after Megaupload, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, among others, voluntarily blacked out their websites to protest against SOPA and PIPA’s anti-piracy legislation. Read More...

iTunes is now in the cloud, with iCloud and iTunes Match

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Apple has finally launched iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match, with the release of iTunes 10.5.1. You can now have your iTunes library wirelessly synced to all your devices and for $24.99/year you can also import all you're existing music from your hard drive to iCloud using iTunes Match. Read More...