Microsoft drops DRM policy for the New Xbox One, is this good for gamers? [Podcast]


When Microsoft announced the highly anticipated Xbox One, Many gamers were not happy to hear that the new Xbox One gaming System would have DRM policies that would check up on its gamers every 24 hours. Now, after much criticism, Microsoft has backed down. Lets find out just how these DRM policies would have affected gamers and how not having these 24 hour checkups made the Xbox One loose some pretty nice features, which would have set the Xbox One apart from the PS4. (Click here to listen to the podcast)


Halo 4 is now available for Pre-Oder at BestBuy, here are some new features to expect (Video)


With Microsoft and 343 Industries announcement of Halo 4 being released November 6, 2012, Best Buy has already opened Halo 4 Pre-Orders to the masses. Want to be the first on your block to get your hands on this highly anticipated, action packed, first person shooter? Come check out what Halo 4 will have to offer. Read More...

Nokia announces Lumia 800 and Lumia 710, specs and features of first Windows phones for Nokia

Nokia has entered the Windows phone market swinging, with its first two smartphones to ever run WP 7.5 Mango. The top of the line Lumia 800, is packed with features and a more simple Lumia 710 was also introduced. Read More...

Microsoft Windows 7 updated to view RAW (NEF) files

Microsoft has released a free Codec Pack update for Windows 7 to now support Raw (NEF) files directly in Windows Explorer or Photo Gallery. Read More...

New Microsoft accessories for the Xbox 360 (Video)

Microsoft has released two new accessories for the Xbox 360, A new stylish Bluetooth headset and a new Media remote. Read More...

How-To port Mango on the HD2 (video)

The hackers over at XDA-Developers have figured a way to port Windows Mango over to the HTC HD2. The Mango port is in beta form so there are a couple of little issues but overall it's a good port if you want to get the Mango feel before every it's officially out. The Mango OS flash is pretty simple to port over to your HD2 just follow the instructions below. Read More...

Windows Phone Mango will have Visual Voicemail

The new Windows Phone Mango OS will have many cool new features when it finally arrives this fall. One of those really awesome features thats is also really handy is visual voicemail. Read More...

Tired of your old WP7 Phone? New Mango coming this fall! (VIDEO)

The new Windows Phone 7 Operating System Mango will be coming out this fall. It will be a big overhaul from the current WP7 OS, with over 500 new features. Microsoft has integrated  Twitter, Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger Read More...