Apple's iPhone 5 VS. Samsung's Galaxy S3: Drop Tests [VIDEO]


Wondering how the new iPhone 5 holds up to 6-foot drops on to the hard pavement? The guys over at AndroidAuthority will show us just how crack resistant the new iPhone 5’s screen really is compared to the Samsung Galaxy S III.


When Is The Next 'iPhone 5' Going On Sale? September 12 Just Might Be The Magic Date...


Many rumors have been going around about Apple’s next generation smartphone. From what the new iPhone will look like with a larger screen, to what new features the device will have. But the number one biggest question everyone is wondering about is ‘when will the next iPhone 5 be available for pre-order?’

UPDATE: Apple announces the new lighter, thinner and faster, iPhone 5: Specs Listed


Crazy concept video of Siri's hidden security feature on the New iPhone 5 (Video)


Are you ever worried of loosing you iPhone or any other personal electronic device for that matter? Never mind loosing your expensive smartphone, nowadays people store personal information that can be valued more than what the iPhone is even worth. Come check out what security feature these guys suggest the next iPhone 5 should offer. Read More...

AT&T is giving away 1,000 Rollover Minutes to iPhone customers, Again?

Why is AT&T giving away 1,000 Rollover Minutes to iPhone customers for free? is it because you are a valued customer and they just want to show you how much they appreciate your loyalty? Read More...

Radio Shack and Target will drop iPhone 4 prices tomorrow

According to an anonymous tipster, Beginning July 31, Radio Shack and Target will cut the prices of its iPhone models. Read More...

Samsung announces Galaxy S II will hit US streets in August (Update)

Samsung’s president of mobile business, Shin Jong-kyun announced Samsung will be rolling out the Samsung Galaxy S II August of 2011 in the US. Read More...

iPhone 5 might have two LED lights

iPhone downloading blog just released a rumor from a so called tipster named “Mr. T” that the next iPhone will have dual LED’s. Why might you ask?

UPDATE: Apple introduces the new iPhone 4s and Siri, find out what it's packing Read More...