Top List of iOS 7 and iPhone 5s Cydia Tweaks that work

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The new iOS7 jailbreak for Apple devices is still brand spanking new and most developers are still trying their best to update its Cydia tweaks and apps to be compatible with the newly updated iPhone 5S, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Come check out this list of compatible tweaks and apps to get you started in the jailbreak world.


iPhone & Android App use on the rise, 2011 vs 2012 app stats: How do you compare?


You might already know that App usage is on the rise world wide. Everyday you see more and more people throwing out their old “dumb-phone” for a smartphone. So lets find out what difference a year makes in app usage on Apple’s iOS and Android devices. Read More...

Sick and tired of junk mail in your mail box? PaperKarma's free app might solve your pesky problem

Sick and tired of opening your mail box just to see junk mail smashed inside? Do you ever wonder if you have accidentally thrown away important correspondence, just because of all the junk mail you receive every day? Or maybe you just want to stop killing a couple trees a year and do your part to help out the environment. If you are having any of these issues with unwanted junk mail, the PaperKarma app might just be your solution. Read More...

How secure are Android apps?

How secure are Android apps? If you ask security firm Dasient, they would have a lot to say on that topic. Read More...

Android App that shares your Apps

There is a new Android app in town. Its called MyAppSharer and it does exactly what the name of the app says. Read More...

(UPDATE) iPad 2 finally Jailbroken with Jailbreakme 3.0 (Video)

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UPDATE: Official jailbreakme 3.0 is out follow this link here

The ipad 2 is finally Jailbroken, that is if you have ios version 4.3.0 or under. ios 5 is not supported yet. (You can check what version your ipad is by going to Settings, General, About, Then scroll down to version it should say 4.3.0 or under.) JailbreakMe 3.0 is still in beta and was leaked so it's not officially released by Comex. You don't need a computer to run this Jailbreak. The Jailbreak is easily done by only using safari on your iPad 2. Click on the read more button to follow the videos instructions if you're willing to test the leaked beta. Read More...

Facebook to "Launch something awesome" Next week

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Mark Zukerberg, CEO of Facebook announced “something awesome” is coming next week. Zukerberg would not mention any details, only that the project was developed at the Seattle office which is the only major engineering center other then the headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Facebook has had many rumors about an ipad app that has been said to be code named “Project Spartan”. There has also been rumors of an iphone photo-sharing service. What do you think Facebook has up its sleeve?

More details are coming out about “Project Spartan” and TechCrunch says its not happening, at least not July 4. Read More...

Android Market star ratings updated

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Android users now have a more useful Android Market. With the ability to view a breakdown of the ratings received by an app. the new feature lets you see how many people gave an app a certain number of stars and not just a general rating of all the reviews like before. Now you will have a better idea if the app is worth downloading or not. Read More...

TomTom's iPhone App gets updated with HD Traffic

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TomTom’s new update version 1.8 adds “HD Traffic” for U.S. roads. It allows you to see updated live information on traffic conditions. Its $20 at the app store, so click here to download the app. that is if your tired of getting lost or being stuck in traffic all day. Read More...