Google Glass Specs for Camera, Battery, Audio and Display Officially Released


Google has finally released its Google Glass technical specs. This is the juicy stuff consumers care about: Camera, Battery, Audio and Display specs. Lets check out what these new Google Glasses will be packing.


Gmail customers report a glitch on Android smartphones and tablets, makes devices inoperable


Reports have been coming in from Gmail users with Android devices of a glitch that makes their Android device inoperable. Are you having this issue?


Apple’s "Siri" VS. Android’s "Google Voice Actions" which voice control app is better?


Apple features an amazing personal assistant app exclusively on the iPhone 4S named Siri. Motorola is out to remind the world Apple isn’t the only mobile operating system with a voice control app, claims Android’s Google Voice Actions is better. Read More...

How-to Download and Install Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nexus S

Now that The Galaxy Nexus is out, other Android phone users will be able to start downloading Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich for their smartphones. Google has promised the Nexus S to be one of the first to get Android’s latest OS update and here is how to get it. Read More...

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Announced, includes Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Video)

galaxy-nexus-product-samsung-ice cream sandwich_android 4.0
Samsung and Google have finally announced the powerful Galaxy Nexus, in Hong Kong today. Samsung’s latest smartphone is packed with features and is the worlds first smartphone to run Android 4.0, AKA Ice Cream Sandwich. Read More...

Free Google Nexus S at Best Buy, Offer is only for 24 hours


Update: Seems like Sprint still has the Google Nexus S Mobile Phone for free with a two year contract while T-Mobile and AT&T have brought the price back up to $99.99 with a two year contract.

Are your in the market for a cool new Android phone, but don’t want to spend the coin to get one? You might find you answer at Best Buy.

Nexus S now out on AT&T

AT&T now has the Samsung Nexus S available for purchase. Up until now, The only way to have the Nexus S on the AT&T network was to buy the $600 unlocked version. Read More...

Sprint will have a big update for the Nexus S 4G on July 25

Sprint Nexus S 4G users will be happy to hear, Sprint will start rolling out a big update Starting Monday, July 25 for the device. Read More...

How secure are Android apps?

How secure are Android apps? If you ask security firm Dasient, they would have a lot to say on that topic. Read More...

Google+ has over 10 million users in just 2 weeks No signs of slowing down

Only after 2 weeks of opening the service, Google+ now has over 10 million users added to there new social network. Read More...

Apple vs. Androids. Which is more secure?

android, apple, ios, google
The Apple vs. Android war is always fun and never ends. Now you can thank Symantec for this new research they just came out with, too add more to the fire. Read More...